Walking, cycling, helicopter flights

Come in and look around. There is a lot of beauty. Enjoy forests in Chriby Highlands. Find UNESCO´s World Heritage in Kromeriz. Taste local craftbeers.


There are 11 tour variations. You can find map guide at our reception.

Horse riding for children

Vodění na koni

Children can ride a horse in our arena with our horse instructor. If you would like try this service, please let us know two day in advance. The price is CZK 200 per 20 minuts.

Helicopter flights

Vyhlídkové lety vrtulníkem

There is helicopter for two or four persons. We offer scenic flights or helicopter taxi. If you would like try this service, please let us know two day in advance. The estimated price is CZK 4000 per 15 minutes.

Beer turism

Radniční restaurace a pivotéka

Are you interested in craftbeer? Visit our Radniční restaurace a pivotéka restaurant in Kromeriz. We have 8 craftbeers on tap. As a guest of our pension you can also enjoy our food from permanent offer with 10 % discount. You can also visit with us our friends from 3 local craft breweries - Maxmilian, 1. selsky pivovarek or Zahlinicky pivovar.

The town of Kromeriz – 10 km

Velké náměstí, Kroměříž

Kromeriz is a town which combines beauty, learning and art. The foundations of the captivating charm that attracts tourists from all the corners of the world were laid by the Olomouc bishops, who had their summer residence in Kroměříž for centuries. As a result, today Kroměříž boasts a number of unique monuments.

Chriby Highlands


The area is a 335 square kilometer nature park and tourist park, offering a variety of natural features, rock formations, and historical monuments. Chřiby is the highest portion of the Central Moravian Carpathiants, composed of clay and sandstone cliffs, covered by dense deciduous forest, crossed by the Morava River, and dotted with Czech national parks and nature reserves. The highest point is Brdo, at 586 meters.

Educative path Bori, Divoky – 6,7 km

On the 4,34 km long path you can find 14 stops which show you typical flora and fauna in this region. Path longs aproximately 2 hours.

Lookout tower Zdenicka, Tesanky – 5,7 km

Wooden lookout tower named Zdenicka was built by local group Hribeci hory in autumn 2011.

Open air museum, Botanical and freshwater exposition Living Water Modra – 17,4 km

Great Moravian settlement is located near Uherské Hradiště on the road Old Town Velehrad. It is an important subject illustrating one of the most important stages of our national history. The open-air museum lives in everyday life, educational performances, programs, experimental melting of metals, production of ceramics, agricultural production and continual archaeological research. Come and discover our ancient past.

Basilica of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and Ss Cyril and Methodius, Velehrad – 19 km

Velehrad is one of the most important places of pilgrimage in Moravia. Its history started more than 800 years ago.

Ruins of Cimburk Castle, Korycany – 27,3 km

Gothic castle was built here in 1333. In 1994 were ruins open for public and there is a venue for a lot of culture events.

Buchlov Castle – 27,8 km

Buchlov castle is one of the oldest castles in the Czech republic. Its history and architecture make Buchlov one of the most importatnt castles in Moravia. First castle on this site was build in the first half of the 13th century, as an importatnt strategic point and administrative centre on the eastern borders of the Lands of the Bohemian Crowns (Corona regni Bohemiae). It was part of a defence system that was supplemented by the newly created towns of Uherské Hradiště and Uherský Brod. Although Buchlov was royal property from the tim of its foundation until the beginning of the 16th century, it was frequently put in pledge to rich Moravian families – the king‘s creditors. From the standpoint of its architectural style, the castle belongs to transition period of the Romanesque Gothic. Monumental Buchlov castle was never completely conquered by enemy armies.

Château Buchlovice – 30,7 km

The château Buchlovice is situated near the majestic medieval Buchlov Castle. It can be undoubtedly perceived as one of the most prominent noble seats in the Czech Republic thanks to its refined architectural style of Italian baroque villa, numerous collections of artworks and period furniture. Moreover, the château saw a three-century-long history soaked with intriguing fates of its distinguished owners and it played the important role during the last years of the Habsburg monarchy, therefore it is not exaggerated to claim that its significance has overreached borders of the Czech territory.

Bata´s canal

Nowadays is Bata´s canal 53 km long waterway for boat trip from Otrokovice to Skalice.

Swiming possibilities

Biotop Dvůr Honětice
koupaliště Bajda Kroměříž
Koupaliště Morkovice-Slížany
Lom Kurovice
Městské koupaliště Otrokovice
Štěrkoviště Otrokovice
Přírodní koupací biotop Modrá

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